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-- this is all '62 now. lost mill springs, kentucky. they'd lost roanoke island. remember, roanoke island is famous for being the site of the lost colony. this was in 1587-'89. well, in 1862, in february, there was a lost colony there, too, and it was about 2,500 conferside's 10,000 federal. so he lost mill springs. lost roanoke island as jack montcastle has pointed out, the confederacy has lost forts henry and donaldson on the tennessee and cumberland rivers. and what that does is open the tennessee, the cumberland, too, if they wanted it, to union penetration by combined arms, navy, army. up the tennessee river as far as they want to go, chattanooga if they'd like. what it did was eventually result in the battle of shiloh, well, pittsburgh landing. which the confederates lost, too, as well as p-ridge in arkansas. so, you lose a good hunk of arkansas and any chance to make missouri a bona fide, de facto confederate state. jefferson davis in his inaugural speech delivered not too far from here on february 22nd, a few days ago, george washington's birthday, not by chance, said this is the
a moment. >>> we begin with the weather tonight. snow is coming down in roanoke, virginia. chuck says up to six inches could fall there in the southwestern part of the state. but here at home, our snowfall chances, well, they're not that good. chuck joins us to break it all down. >> hey there, aaron. indeed, it looks impressive on the radar. heavy snow across much of southwestern virginia. the moisture's trying to reach in our direction as well. the problem is, we've got a lot of dry air in place and it's well above the freezing mark. 42 at national airport. but 35 in fredericksburg, along i-95, where there is snow coming down now. enough to get some of the grass white. but the roads remain just wet, and not snow covered. that is important news. winter weather advisories and storm warnings continue. the snow line is going to try to inch towards the metro area here. but i don't think it will add up to too much. inside the red area is not even reaching the ground. flakes only maybe sticking to the grass, maybe an inch on the grass way down to the south. >> thank you, chuck. >>> in our othe
with in 50 miles of the chesapeake it would be richmond, roanoke getting more and there is one band out here to the northwest of baltimore that shows at least some potential, perhaps putting down a light snow shower to the north and west of town. 42 degrees, obviously anything that does fly, flake wise won't stick. at least north of route 50. we are at 42 degrees. ten degrees above the freezing mark and check out the cameras, baltimore justin creasing clouds, nothing happening but washington we watched more interest here, and finally picking up a few rain and mixed showers through parts of the late evening here, more interesting pictures out of richmond where this is an area that started to get the accumulating snows, once we got well past sunset and the air temperature was able to drop more and then roanoke getting the most in terms of snow, heavy, well, a more heavy snow situation here with an inches of accumulations in the high country. not the best set up going into a snow event. there could be a light coating in spots. southern part of the state not far above freezing, 35 at dullus, eas
in western virginia. roanoke had about 6 inches of snow. far western virginia had up to 10 inches. 4 inches around richmond. some of that dip into north carolina. i had about 1 inch of snow a around raleigh, north carolina. the storm that missed baltimore all together again. today temperatures warmed above normal. it was breezy but lots of sunshine. 49 at the airport. normal is 46. there was 10 inches of snow back in 1947. the last of the system was moving out in the morning. high pressure from the west is clearing skies. this will combine with call went to send temperatures down quickly -- this will combined with calm wind to send temperatures down quickly tonight. across the mid-atlantic, it will be cool tonight. temperatures are in the 30's in western maryland. it is getting close to freezing. tonight around baltimore, 24 in the suburbs. 34 downtown. with col wind, expect a cold night tonight. -- with the call wind, expect a cold night tonight. we will seek to be sure, -- we will see temperatures climb into the 60's by the end of the week. mild temperatures, hardly any arctic air to be f
of snow fell in roanoke.while much of it hasn't stuck to the roads... it causes several flight delays because of low visibility. ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 3 ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 83 at 137 map fiber map 695 at 40 map 3 like to tweet, post a status... and "pin" something? something?tte jobs that will pay you to do... just that... and the cities that are hiring. hiring.whitney will always be in our hearts heartswhitney houston makes her final journey home over the fans are remembering the late inger... and where she's taking her final resting place. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) whitney houston's "home going" ended with a private family burial at fairview cemetery in westfield, new jersey sunday. she waa remembered y friends, family, memorial service on onal saturday... at her childhood church in newark. barbara hall has the latest on whitney houston's journey "home". 3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- whitney houston's "coming hearse carrying houstoo's body arrived at fairview cemetery i
picking up nearest rain shower already come to roanoke. that will be coming our way later on tonight. folks in southern maryland will around midnight or so. right now nothing nearby. 7:00, temperatures in the fifties. midnight, here is the area of rain. enough, but it be all rain. look at the temperatures in the 40's. rain moves by and we to the northwesterly wind. think these are little below. we will see temperatures in the from the 70's. for february 2nd. look for rain showers tomorrow temperatures into the 40's. sunshine on friday. by the time we get to the weekend, another batch of light coming our way. snow lovers, no sign of anything that around us. >> the tour iota sports desk brought to you by your local dealers -- the toyota sports desk, brought to you by ota dealers.a >> alabama has the top-rank retreatinrecruiting class. a lot of local kids got scholarships today. two players from good counsel, officially signed on. maderas and mike brown. play at pennon state. out,nt the scandal broke are re-evaluated the situation with my family. coach told me to around, and that is wha
is back on for thousands of people in the roanoke area. there apparently was enough to bring lines down for about 5500 customers in appellation power. >> what a strange sight, for us anyway. >> we do not have that problem. >> we just missed that. springlike temperatures this week. get a load of this. we may be in the mid 70's by it thursday. here is a time lapse from the rooftop camera. the evening just before sunset as the skies clear out. really clearing out rather nice the with temperatures but sunset behind us starting to drop a little more noticeably but a very quite come a beautiful february evening with maybe a sprinkle or shower in the next few days but the big story will be the temperature and wind warning us up. 46 right now in district heights. 47 in alexandria. 48 the high so far. it 50 and 32 were the official high and low. 49 and 32 are the averages, so this is as close statistically as we will get for the 21st day of that uri. a couple 50 boxes out of town. fredericksburg get it the. everyone else in the 40's and those numbers will drop. the cold air will retreat through
for a nasty weather look to roanoke where everything is quickly winding down. we have breaks in the clouds and clear skies moving through tomorrow night, no problem. by tuesday the clouds will start to increase, and we may see a stray showers in the western part of the area. it is going to be a very weak frontal system, with no impact on the immediate metro. the daytime high is around 45-50 degrees. the sunshine will make it look very pretty outside. temperatures will warm to around 60 degrees on thursday. and it will be more cool for the upcoming weekend. is your home for abc 7 weather. you can use the interactive radar to search for snow showers. >> you are in the clear. >> sunday is a day that fans of the nba look forward to. >> dwyane wade has shot 50% or more so he is on fire. jeremy lin is the big name. the heat hosted the magic. but what we're all talking about is jeremy lin. he is coming up next, in sports. >> the toyota sports desk, by your local toyoat dealers. moving you forward. >> even with dirk nowitzki, the finals mvp putting up a season- high 34 points, the most un
the temperatures are above freezing. then roanoke, virginia is where we see the most significant wintry weather. here it is tough to make out. this is well south and west down into the virginia area. impressive shot well south of us. temperature wise you can see most points at or above freezing. 31 dulles. winds from the northeast drawn into the area of low pressure that's centered over the virginia/north carolina region. this is a fairly close call as regional snow makers go. a roll oh that is no hitting the ground. you have to move south to find significant weather. as we look closely at the direction of the storm it made a move to the north. beginning to make a turn back south. i think it is at its most northern point. cooler, drier air wrapping in behind this. we'll clear out overnight. yes, we could see rain and snow showers south of us through annapolis, howard county even southern carroll county. again, it will be brief later this evening. and quickly clearing out. here's our future trend. storm system heading out to sea by midnight. 4:00 in the morning it is a done deal. we are setting
and sunny. that allowed temperatures to recover to normal readings. the heaviest snow was towards roanoke in the western part of virginia. 5 to 10 inches of snow came down. not much going on as far as wintry weather. another day with temperatures a little above normal. the morning temperatures were not very cold, only in the 30's. nothing on the rain gauge or snowboard. almost 10 inches 50 years ago today. 46 degrees in parkville. 46 is a big number around the baltimore area for temperatures. 45 on the coast at ocean city. tonight, clear skies. as the winds diminish, you will get some cold temperatures. 34 downtown. nationwide, we're seeing a couple storms out west. one dumped heavy snow in the pacific northwest and caused the avalanche in washington state. that system has to be watched. another one coming through the upper midwest has rain and snow. parts of minnesota are getting in on the rain. it shows how warm it is in that area. ahead of it, there will be another surge of warm air. it is 44 in chicago. 45 in cincinnati. 63 in dallas. as the system approaches, we both see clouds movin
chance of seeing accumulating snow. friends and relatives towards roanoke and blacksburg, they can get 3-6 inches of snow. the mother lode of moisture moving from louisiana to southern parts of mississippi. only a little bit of cold air on the northern periphery. more cold air sliding down to the south. temperatures drop late tonight to tomorrow as the weather front turns the winds to the north and will funnel the cold dry air at the surface and moisture at the top. mild, sunny, 50s to near 60. clouds rolling back tonight. staying dry to noon-time tomorrow and the bulk of the snow arriving, maybe 3 to 6 inches south and west of town in and around the city, 1-2 inches of snow can't be ruled out, probably an inch or less in northern maryland. we can maybe tweak that a little bit. everybody will see some snow tomorrow but not a lot. today, sunny and mild. enjoy it while you can, 52-58 today. tomorrow, complete opposite of tod today. and chance of snow, afternoon to tomorrow night. bigger accumulations south and west of town. sunshine, clean car driving sunshine monday and tuesday and mild w
, but we picked up 8 1/2 inches here in withville. we're about an hour or so down 81 from roanoke. and just a couple miles down the road big problems this afternoon. late this afternoon a tractor-trailer jackknifed, shutting down both northbound lanes for over five hours. some cars detoured, but most of the semis sat tight, and we watched them this evening roll up the highway en masse. meanwhile, some of the other snowfall totals not far from the district out there in the far suburbs in staunton, virginia picking up five inches of snow. charlottesville, four inches. and in richmond they've had three-plus as the snow continues to fall there this evening. so driving down 95 a little touch and go early in the morning. it will be the back roads, the untreated roads that will be at times slushy and slippery. good day tomorrow here in southwest virginia. but again, the largest storm of the season. and it wouldn't have taken much coming into today. only .4 inches of snow so far in roanoke. and here in withville they've only seen the ground white a couple of times. it was the first chance to get ou
. southern virginia got pounded pretty good. take a look at the winter weather. this is in roanoke county. >> that is a lot of snow. we didn't get any. we do have one school delay to pass along. culpeper county cools are on a two-hour delay because of the snow. >>> good morning. i'm sarah simmons i'm wisdom martin. a lot of people were anticipating that happened in this area. >> so close, yet so far away. >> kind of. roanoke is not that far away. >> even closer than that. we had up to a couple of inches off to the south and west. we had a lot of views are that got some snow. parts of charles county got about an inch of snow. here in washington, well -- so close, yet so far away. about 6 inches in charlottesville. >> it looks fun. >> the kids have the day off so now they got nothing to do. >> dry as a bone at the martin household. that is all that matters. >> the snow is out of here, what snow we had. in many places, nothing to get out. we are looking at quieter weather today. breezy conditions expected and boring. 38 in washington. 36 in baltimore. 31 in hagerstown. ocean city, 36 degrees
virginia, even toward roanoke ask this will be a far from ground zero around the central part of maryland, this will be more central havev. mid-30s, 41 winchester, tomorrow a great looking saturday, spring like even, mid50s, sun through the day, we will talk month more detail about sunday coming up. the thinks is we are looking better best era round baltimore for sunday. >> the yardly love murder trial is scheduled to run in to the weekend as the defense tries to wrap up it's case. one the defense attorneys has been sick. if the trial goes past tomorrow it'll be on hold until wednesday because the scheduling issues. today the aunt talked about seeing her nephewo and love at a bar the night before they decide. >> they were together on saturday night doesn't take it away from the idea because they will say they were together with a lot of other people around. the defendant had no opportunity to hurt her in a public place in a restaurant with family. >> we have been in the courtroom since the jury complex will be there through the verdict. you can follow the updates on twitter. you can al
with dew points around 19 in roanoke. as we work into the day, the first clouds increase. as that column of the atmosphere begins to moisten up, it could bring in the winds. rain showers lasting until tomorrow afternoon then one more round of showers tomorrow night and then the whole thing clears out into early thursday. temperatures look to warm up again with some shuns back here on thursday. overnight 36, dry and cool. your two-degree guarantee 4, 48 and maybe an evening thunderstorm. your seven-day forecast, we find those temperaturesare rebounding, mid to upper 60s, low 60s friday as we cloud up and rain to start the weekend but mild and cooler later in the weekend. so a little bit of a roller coaster temperature wise. kelly? >> thanks a lot. now to democracy 2012, the latest chapter in the race for the republican nomination. tory dunnan joins truss us from phoenix. >> reporter: this is a critical moment. there are 59 delegates up for grabs between arizona and michigan. tonight it's also about defining victory. >> i'm going to win in michigan and across the country. >> reporter: for
and that will get stronger tomorrow. briefly warming us up in quite a bit. 70roanoke, 77 charleston south carolina. briefly into the warm sector of air before it all ends tomorrow evening. chances for rain, they will be there over night. scattered showers perhaps and then into the day on friday not more than a hit or miss shower or thunderstorm. right now looks like most of the activity will be south and east of us. there is that front. you can make it out. as that goes off shore the real cold air will come in on saturday. overnight down 47, a few showers, fairly mild, the two degree tomorrow, not a record but with in a few degrees of one and then tomorrow night down 38, turning colder, that's that seven day forecast. you see the difference this weekend in to the upper 40s but still sun and next week mild air but not as mild, things will be tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you. the four candidates for the republican nomination are looking ahead to major contests a day after the critical debate in arizona. today romney continued his attacks against his biggest competition. santorum joins us . >> r
and charlottesville and roanoke. so that looks to be the bull's eye right now, just south of town. we'll see some snow in the metro area, but we won't be in the bull's eye. here's the deal. here's the moisture. it's kind of disorganized now, but it will eventually consolidate and become a pretty well formed organized low pressure in the gulf of mexico as we get into saturday. then it begins to north northeastward into alabama and off the coast of north carolina by sunday night. right now we have clear skies, clear skies tonight, early tomorrow. then some of these high clouds will come in saturday afternoon, but it's still going to be a very nice day saturday. 45 bethesda, 43 college park and beltsville, 47 springfield and reston, 46 sterling and herndon and 45 in leesburg. so it's just chilly outside, but that's not bad for february. more like a march storm and i say that because it's going to be warm before and after the storm. it's not going to last long. grab a coat tonight, still mild and nice tomorrow, no worries tomorrow night and sunday the heaviest snow will be between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. it loo
of the midand upper 50s. that warm air surge that produce near record levels near richmond and roanoke. it didn't make it in today. high temperature was off from last night if you were watching, sorry about that. east coast view things starting to clear out. cool y windy conditions, will wrap around this storm system. through the overnight and i think it you will notice the difference. we will be dry tomorrow but cloud cover and the wind chill factor in the upper 40s with the wind chill which is going to be significant through the day tomorrow may not be quite that warm as the upper 40s and again the trend will show cloud cover tomorrow but dry weather into the weekend and especially on sunday. we will clear the skies completely. a lot of sun, 38, we stay windy. your two degree guarantee. fairly cloudy and windy through saturday but tomorrow night the winds let up. upper 20s. look ahead. finding that the temperatures will end up in the mid50s next week. yes -- a reality check. the upper 40s. you do notice mid50, once again, the mild trend seems to be continuing this winter. >> march is coming
, february 21st, we continue in just a moment. dangerous problem across roanoke, virginia. power lines crackling and burning, trees fell from severe weather. the city's fire chief says they have been in crisis mode since sunday and still working to prevent the fires this morning. >> deadly winds making traveling treacherous for drivers monday. check out this video, dust storms in texas causing dozens of accidents, one semi truck was driving across an overpass when wind blew it over. >>> we didn't have those two situations here locally. mild day yesterday. >> absolutely. when you see the rest of the forecast for the week you might be surprised. >> yeah. we like that. i was walking velvet, there was a man who said he likes the mild winter. satellite and radar, not picking up on a lot. we are seeing a few clouds streaming in here, mostly clear through the morning and that will be the trend as we goo go in to the afternoon. we striden up the view. see the lines of showers and mix in to indiana. this is going to slide across the ohio valley. i'm thinking one it reaches the mountains, it wi
and interstate 64, really roanoke, virginia getting five to eight inches of snow. that is a bull's eye. no problems go to and from church early sunday morning. here's a look at how much snow we could be getling by late -- getting by late tomorrow night. this model here, i want to mention, tends to be more aggressive with snow. around d.c. one to three inches. the farther south and west you go, the more you see. north of d.c. not as much snow, maybe two inches in gaithersburg but close to the mason dixon line an inch or even less. this is through tomorrow late night. here's a look at the satellite and radar conditions where right now things are quiet. in fact, today's highs in the upper 50s, close to 60 degrees, lots of sunshine. but you look to the southwest of us, we've got a very big area of low pressure holding a lot of moisture, very juicy air coming in, slowly to us. we'll see increasing clouds overnight through tomorrow and we'll also tap into some of the cold air we have in place. when you mix in the moisture coming in from the southwest and that cold air, the air is cold enough
georgia. we'll kind of move up and here's where the precipitation. is it's raining in roanoke and will slowly move north and east, give us a glancing blow. in other words, you folks up in frederick probably won't see any rain at all. 63 now in arlington, 60 bethesda, 61 rockville. upper 50s in gaithersburg, 61 great falls, still 61 in andrews. we'll cool down a bit, but still going to remain mild, dry evening commute, wet morning commute south of town, still mild thursday and a very nice finish friday. by midnight tonight maybe some rain, d.c. south, certainly down toward fredericksburg. we'll put this into motion. notice how it hugs the south. by 6:00 some showers in the immediate to metro area and maybe some as far north as frederick. by noon everything clears out quickly except for our friends in southern maryland and even you clear out early afternoon. a little cooler behind it, even in west of the divide, some snow showers possible in the afternoon and evening. mostly cloudy tonight, just chilly, light rain possible by dawn, lows 38 to about 46 and quite frankly, mainly i
is still in effect in the roanoke area. the storm dumped about eight inch of snow there. it also knocked out power to more than 2,000 customers. virginia state police say they responded to about 350 crashes due to slick roads. >> there were spifth problems. police in tennessee say the weather is to blame for a huge pileup on interstate 75.
, bounded generally by chenery street to the north, roanoke street to the east, san jose avenue and bosworth street to the south, and elk street to the west; 2) creating a new section 738.1, establishing zoning controls for code section 101.1. item number 5. ordinance amending the city and county of san francisco zoning map sheets zn11 and ht11 to: 1) create a new zoning district, and amend height and bulk districts within the glen park area plan, as proposed in the glen park community plan; and 2) making environmental findings and findings of consistency with the general plan and the priority policies of planning code section 101.1. item no. 6. francisco general plan by adding the glen park area plan; and making findings, including environmental findings and findings of consistency with the general plan and the priority policies of planning code section 101.1. supervisor wiener: this neighborhood began a lengthy process, that i have to say i have been involved in a number of labor brought that this and this is the most thorough and inclusive neighborhood process i have seen. there was a hig
. richmond south into roanok experience down through virginia beach but again in the baltimore area north i think we will get just a glancing blow just a few scattered showers and you can see that colder air starting to punch its way in and it'll settle into the day tomorrow. you can see the cooler air, we will get a second shot and that will cool it off. tonight most of the rain staying south but look for a few showers possible by daybreak. overnight down to 42, showers by dawn, tomorrow the two degree guarantee. we will go 55, the warmest temperature may be just after midnight and tomorrow night down to 32. seven day forecast, you know the outlook here is not bad for the first days in february. we see the weekend temperatures cooldown in to the 40s, 42, 43 average. we will be out of average throughout the seven day forecast. >> don't touch it. >> we are still give away the i-pad 2's. we want to say congratulations to our most recent winner. marvin from the zach brown band. he picked up his prize. we have one more left. text wmar46988. install the free news app and enter to win. >> comi
the latest coming up next. >>> problem across parts of roanoke, virginia, live power lines crackling and burning after brought down by the trees, toppled by the harsh winter weather. the fire chief says his department has been in crisis mode responding to burning power lines and blown over trees. >> tough driving in richmond, virginia. a man skid ed across the road. black ice plagued drivers on 295, several vehicles slid off the road and police say officers responded to a thousand traffic accidents and that was yesterday. >>> look at the pictures, it's hard to believe. >> it's scary. we don't have to deal with ice and if we did have precipitation, we definitely would be dealing with that. check out the temperatures, 21 degrees now in to woodbine. we don't have the wind. what you are feeling is what you are getting for today. the temperature glen burnie, 27 degrees. more of the same in to stevensville, around 30 degrees and no windchill whatsoever. as we check out fact that we have the clouds trying to stream in here, mostly clear now. turning mostly cloudy in to the afternoon, we wil
at best were around 50 today in roanoke, add 10 degrees. we'll be at 60 tomorrow here in baltimore. we get a cool front, a cool shot of ir and then things bounce right back. we see no end to that in sight as we wrap up february. clear across the region, clear across the east, a couple of showers in georgia but high pressure in control. dry air up and down the east locked in place. dewpoints down in the teens which is extremely dry air. even if we get mid level clouds, any chance of rain in the next day or two is slim. we'll track one system. a chance for rain as far north as maybe norfolk but this fizzles out and the chance for rain around here looks nil through tuesday and into wednesday so it is looking like a dry. scenario. we stay clear and chilly tonight. here is the bounce back tomorrow. we're up to 60, mostly sunny. a milder south breeze. 5 to 15 miles per hour. tomorrow night the breezes let up a little bit into the overnight, down to 37 or so. mostly staying above freezing tomorrow night. >> let's check out the seven- day forecast and see how things trend. they do trend a little c
in roanoke, that will edge in for part of the day tomorrow it. by tomorrow night different as cold air will rush in out of the west and take a look at the trend here. a few showers possible overnight. relatively dry on friday. looks like most of the active weather south and east of us. much colder as we go into saturday and that cold wind flow kicks in. there could be flurries in western maryland. overnight down to 47 with a few showers possible overnight. limited though. tomorrow 72, warm and windy, a scattered shower, even a thunderstorm, most of the activity will pass just southeast of baltimore and tomorrow night to 38 we go, turning much colder, getting much windier, the seven day forecast as we look ahead here, again the bottom line is, temperatures will trend, much cooler saturday and sunday, however, into next week things moderate again. not as mild as what we are talking about tomorrow but there you go. 72 degrees. not quite record breaking but close. >> great weather for a run in february. >> i would say. >> i ran for you. >> good. >> thank you. >> you know it's hard to
of clouds, showers down to charlotteville and roanoke in west virginia. generally along and north of interstate 80, even into tuesday night, a lot of this passes us but not much moisture to be squeezed out of the clouds here. we start to clear out some, and we'll see temperatures both tomorrow and wednesday. upper 40s if not low 50s. today we are looking at highs which will make about 46. 30s at oakland and if you haven't been skiing. i have to tell you skiing was pretty good. i was up in pennsylvania skiing, on saturday. conditions were nice. 27 in fredericksburg, as we get into the night time tonight, not nearly as cold. lows in the upper 20s. cambridge, -- 33. some of the milder air starts to work in. as we look at the forecast for the next three days, today 46 degrees, lots of sunshine. increasing clouds. 4 tomorrow, a couple of showers possible. most of the day is going to be dry. you guys can see just a touch of snow. wednesday sunshine returns around 50 degrees. as we head toward churches, the storm system is coming onshore from the west coast. partly to mostly sunny, high
talked to his relatives the day before he was murdered. corporal t.j. conrad of roanoke, virginia was one of two killed. he told his sister he was in good spirits over a chat over the internet. >> reporter: a car bomb exploded out the airport in eastern afghanistan early monday. police say the strong blast killed several people, including two airport guards and a soldier. the taliban claimed responsibility and says the attack was revenge for burning of the qurans weeks ago. angry afghans have been marching through the streets and clashing with police over the handling of the u.s. muslim -- over the muslim holy book. >> we are condemning it in the strongest possible terms. >> reporter: the united states launched a full investigation. commanders say it cannot derail the progress that would be made. u.s. soldiers are working side by side with afghan troops as they prepare to take control of the country next year. >> this is not the time to decide we are done here. we have to redouble our efforts. we have to create a situation in which al qaeda is not coming back. >>> but nato pulled all fore
and west of town, especially back into the i-81/i-64 corridor, places like roanoke and charlottesville will get hammered and also charles county into culpeper could end up being the bull's eye as opposed to places like frederick. the farther north you go, the less snow you get this time. satellite picture radar combined, here is the beginning of the storm, some of the moisture and energy. eventually this will kind of consolidate itself into an organized low pressure in the gulf of mexico. it will move into alabama and move off the coast of north carolina as we get into sunday evening. we are looking at clear skies to not and even tomorrow it's going to be pretty nice. 47 bethesda, 49 rockville, 48 great falls, 49 reston, 48 herndon and 50s out in college park. okay. here's the deal. more like a march storm because it's mild on either side of the storm. grab a coat tonight, still mild to nice tomorrow, no worries saturday night and whatever band we get whether it's heavy or moderate, it will be between about 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. sunday. again, better chance south. clear and chilly tonight,
-- look at all of the thunderstorms from roanoke approaching 64. even into portions of west virginia around charleston. some pretty good storms. a lot of heavy rain now from fredericksburg southward down towards richmond. and we'll zoom in again with live doppler 9000. if you haven't downloaded our weather app, you might want to do it and track these storms. because we may have more storms tomorrow night. let's go to the app store and search for wusa radar. this is heavy rain in southern prince george's county and also into charles county across into the northern neck. and all the way into fredericksburg. we'll zoom in a little bit and looking at rainfall rates. the red is one and a half inches per hour. so it's raining to beat the band. over towards plum point. raining pretty steadily and moderately towards hollywood and over towards la plata. now, what is going to happen in the next hour or so, we'll put this into motion. this is actually going to move off to the east, northeast. and kind of maintain its strength, if you will. so we're looking at the possibility of some heavier rai
. this is probably one of the hardest hit areas in franklin county in southwestern virginia around roanoke, got 6 to 10 inches of snow. they actually have a lot of folks without power about, 830 chirps with no posh and they were not able to -- customers with no power and they were not able to access them today because it's kind of a remote part of virginia. storms slid south, pretty much the story for us this year. also our viewers cooperated and sent me some pictures. i appreciate that. this is in southern fauquier county, morrisville, kind of a gorgeous now. it was wet enough where it stuck to everything and get that picture postcard look and indeed. this is southern fauquier county, not too far away. in the northern neck they had 3 inches of snow. right now that's our live look at our weather cam brought to you by michael and son, temps in the 40s, 47 national, dew point 19, winds northwest at 9, pressure rising 30.28 inches of mercury. low 40s already in the burbs, 43 bethesda, 41 laytonsville, 45 rockville, 43 gaithersburg, 42 reston. off to the east it's still 46 college park and 47 in belt
sitting out to the southwest, around roanoke, western north carolina, put it in motion, show you the system coming into the area, most of the rain for tomorrow around southern maryland, but indeed, everybody gets very, very slight chance, only a 30 to 50% chance of seeing some rain for tomorrow morning. it moves out quickly and then we are going to have sunshine back in here with a northwesterly wind and a little cooler tomorrow. temperatures will be about 10 degrees cooler than today. but with high pressure moving back in, even your friday is looking like a lot of sunshine and then we have got another weather system that's going to greet us for the weekend. that one will be developing tomorrow out over the rockies and going to bring a lot of heavy snow again to the rockies and wind-blown snow, too, see winds up to 40 miles per hour, here is the forecast, increasing clouds, dry for the evening, 52 to 58, tomorrow morning, a few light showers, you can pack the small umbrella, between 40 and 47, mercury, 53, 57, that is what we will top out for tomorrow. that is mild for this time
inches of snow to the roanoke area. about 22,000 customers are without electricity. most of those are in roanoke county, virginia and mercer county, west virginia. >>> 6:06. jessica doyle is here with a special your money report. >> a new hot spot in downtown washington. >> that's right. when you tend to think of daily deals companies, you think of discounted oil changes or discounted lunches, maybe some housecleaning. but one big local deal provider is evolving its business in a big way with a little help from a famous face. >> reporter: local celebrity chef mike isabella is hoping a new restaurant called band layer a -- bandelera this spring. the timing was perfect when he was offered a temporary space to create a new pop-up restaurant. he got to try out recipes. >> probably about 15 of the dishes might make it to the menu. >> he has an opportunity to help train the servers and staff that will be working at bandolero. >> reporter: in just hours, living social sold out of the pop-up restaurant deal with the former top chef contestant. >> i wanted to give people a preview of what
is discouraged, especially south of the harrisonburg area. it's already snowing from roanoke to blacksburg and virginia tech. they're on track to get several inches of snow. for us, light snow possible by the late afternoon-evening time frame. i think the one-inch line of snow stays away from washington, some chances west of the shenandoah valley. so, a 60% chance around the metropolitan area of just flakes, 30% chance of about an inch and if you want more than an inch, less than 10% chances happening here, but more reasonable snow south and west. >> thank you, chuck. >> you're welcome. >>> new this morning, prince george's county police are investigating multiple shootings. police say the shootings stem from an argument between the suspect and one of the victims. it happened this morning in the 5500 block of marlboro pike in district heights. police say four people were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the suspect led police on a car chase before being caught and arrested near the beltway and telegraph road. >>> a charlottesville jury will decide the fate of a form
toward roanoke. these are heavier showers that will be reaching the ground. here's another look on doppler radar. it really is coming down pretty leftly north of charleston. some showers trying to get toward the shenandoah valley near charlottesville and harrisonburg. you guys out to the south and west might be seeing a few sprinkles in the next little while. it's 45 in luray. it's 40 degrees in baltimore where we had a shower last hour. gaithersburg coming in at 39. here in washington we've got the cloudy skies. good visibility. temperature of 43 degrees. the windchill of 39 thanks to the wind at 6 miles an hour out of the east, southeast and the barometer starting to drop off. so the rain is going to be coming in by 9:00, especially toward the shenandoah valley and points west. toward the middle of the day showers still west. the afternoon and evening, look at the rain that's going to be with us through 5:00. starts to pull away from us tonight. we'll see drying conditions and then sunday is when we'll have some rain and i think rain and snow north and west of town. could be a
virginia just about to get into southwestern virginia between roanoke and up toward harrisonburg. charlottesville may see it in a little while. we'll be seeing it later this morning. with luck we get through the rush hour before the rain moves in. we've got mid-30s to low 40s out there now. we're looking at highs late today. again, this may not be achieved till this evening. about 49 in frederick. 55 for d.c. culpeper, you might even make a run toward 60 sometime this evening. let's go to monika santami. she's got your latest time saver traffic. >>> good morning. it's not too bad with the exception of one spot i've been warning you about. it happened about midnight or just before that. westbound on annapolis road right here at route 1 in bladensburg. a huge sinkhole formed overnight and crews there are telling us they're going to have to wait till after the morning rush hour before they can really fix that up. in the meantime you're going to have to choose an alternate route. what they're doing is diverting you on to alternate route 1 to upshire and back on to route 450 but i sug
of the washington area. 1 to 4 inches likely southern shenandoah valley. roanoke might get six to eight inches of snow. here's chuck's chances. 60% chance of just flakes, 30% chance of up to an inch, and only a 10% chance that we'll get more than an inch. again, if you want to see snow, the shenandoah valley is the big winner. here's the four-day forecast. what little snow we get today is gone tomorrow. >> yeah, all right. thank you, chuck. >> doing the best i can. >> i know. i know. we don't fault you. >> okay. >> thank you, chuck. >>> a charlottesville jury will now decide the fate of a murder and fate of a university lacrosse player on trial for murder. deliberations will begin on wednesday after the holiday weekend. they must decide unanimously george huguely had the intent to kill his ex-girlfriend or if yeardley love's death was an accident. in closing arguments, the prosecution said huguely broke down a bedroom door to love's apartment and beat her. lawyers urged the jury to return a verdict of first or second-degree murder. those were the prosecutors. huguely's defense attorney acknowl
difference between washington and richmond. richmond cooler because of the snow on the ground. roanoke at 47 degrees. pretty good snow there close to 8 to 9 inches around the roanoke area. sunshine, plenty of that across the area today with high pressure. that moves on out of here. here comes a warm front during the day tomorrow. and we're going to see some much warmer temperatures. tomorrow a couple degrees warmer. partly cloudy skies. but thane cold front comes through and just like with most cold fronts this year these cold fronts will usher in warmer air along with westerly winds. on wednesday i expect temperatures near 60 degrees with partly sunny skies. could see a chance of a shower or two but really not too worried about that. more of a sprinkle if anything. overnight tonight through the rest of the evening clear skies. a light breeze and chilly. 38 to 43 degrees. as we move on through the day tomorrow we'll see our numbers on the cold side tomorrow morning. 23 in the suburbs to about 33 in the city and as we move on through the day tomorrow, not bad. partly sunny. a few more clouds
the green it is near 50 degrees down towards richmond and near roanoke and farther to the west, it is in the 60s and in kentucky. and there's -- some indication some of that warm air may try to make its way in here by later this afternoon. and as a result, we will have a bit of a warmup but overall a cool day and rain tapering off temporarily through the afternoon. it may be near 60 to our south by late afternoon. most of the metro area around 50 degrees through the afternoon. look at big changes on the way for tomorrow and into the weekend. barbara, coming up. >> thank you. >>> it was a startling start of the day for some students in montgomery county. their bus ran in a house on new hampshire avenue and schindler drive in silver spring. a witness told news4 an suv swerved in front of the bus and hit it. the bus driver ran off the road and into a vacant house. the 20 students onboard were not hurt. they were each evaluated and taken to france's scott key middle school. >>> right now utility crews are trying to repair a sinkhole in bladensburg. because of the work drivers have
southwestern portions of virginia, starting to move in around roanoke, around virginia tech, down through richmond, very close to the richmond area right now, if you are getting ready to travel down i-95, could be a wet ride for you as you make your way into southern virginia and the carolinas that area of low pressure will pass us by the mild weather we have seen today, call it recall with a, will pass by off to the east. see shower activity, most likely early tomorrow morning, but then that front will move through and that is going to clear out any rain and really just give us some sunny skies tomorrow, so still a beautiful day, you will need the jacket tomorrow but not going to need those heavy coats any time soon because wore going to stay not just cool but temperatures will remain above average. so yes, it is cooler but still going to be quite nice across our area, high pressure starts to move in for date on friday. as far as our weather is concerned this evening, just going to be perfect out there tonight. you can definitely take the dog for a walk, kids outside, let them ride the b
is sticking in southwest and central virginia. a winter storm warning is still in effect in the roanoke area. the storm dumped eight inches of snow there. it also knocked out power to more than 20,000 customers. virginia state police say they responded to about 350 crashes due to slick roads. >> then look at this -- police in tennessee say the weather is to blame for a huge pileup on i-95 -- rather, i-75. ten cars, eight tractor-trailers and a greyhound bus involved. they were involved in the accident near the kentucky border. police say the roads were icy at the time of the crash. paramedics treated more than 50 people on the scene. five peopler taken to the hospital. yenchs everyone's expected to recover. the red cross opened a shelter for stranded travelers. a mess. >> indeed. luckily no one was more seriously injured. you look at the scene and can't imagine what it was like there. >> thank goodness. >>> let's find out about our forecast. tom? >> that could have been us, that storm. if it had tracked 50 miles farther north, it could have unloaded snow here quite a bit. as it happened, we
timothy conrad, jr. of roanoke was one of two voanls are shot to death by an afghan soldier on thursday in kabul. conrad is one of four u.s. troops killed since tuesday when it was first revealed and korans and religious material had been burned. >>> would you may more money to dine out in fairfax county? some members. the board sure hope so. they are consideration 4% faction on meals sold at all restaurants. the-- tax on meals sold at all restaurants. the money would fund transportation projects. in order to pass, they need approval from the general assembly or a ballot referendum where county voters can decide. >>> a d.c. council committee is holding a hearing today on how former councilmember harry thomas stole $350,000 meant for youth sports programs. now, most of the money came from the children and youth investment corporation. officials investment organization. officials will be grilled on how this happened. >>> it was hollywood's biggest night as some of the world's most talented stars gathered for the 48th annual academy awards. >> would went -- who went home with the coveted g
to five inches. rockingham county close to 10 inches. i-77 south of roanoke, they had all sorts of problems there. this morning it is cold, not so bad. leesburg 32. mid-30s from haymarket to manassas. over at andrews in prince george's county 35 degrees. here in washington under cloudy skies, good visibility on our michael and son weather camera. 37 degrees. look at that wind. it is brisk out of the north at 17. over at dulles over the past hour, you are going to see that thing shoot up. as that storm pulls away, high pressure pulls in. with the counter clockwise circulation, this thing headed off to the east-northeast. in the gulf coast and texas that will bring it toward us and that is why we are expecting this warm up. if this storm were 100 miles north, it will be a much different morning around here. it's been one of those winters where we still sit at 1.0 inches at reagan national. back in the 20s and 30s by tomorrow morning. for tuesday we start sunny and off to our east and southeast. maybe a few clouds get thrown our way late in the day. but for the most part we are goi
than an inch of snow fell in roanoke and it's not sticking much to the road but it caused slight delays because of low visibility. and i know some of you are looking saying when can we get something like that. >> i know. i know. >> it's been an uneventful winter. >> i know. and this was the big cans but remember that track was the key all last week. remember how i said if it stays to the south, then we might not get much but if it heads north we will get some snow and rain and it stayed to the south. that's what happened for us. speaking of staying to the south, that's what we are looking at right now on the satellite and radar. the snow in southern maryland. more of the rain off into the atlantic as of now. but we slide a little closer to home and we have clouds out there. but we will start to see more sunshine in the forecast going into the afternoon as high pressure does it things and build in. but right now temperatures are on the chilly side this morning. but feeling a lot colder because we do have the winds now sustained into edgewood about 15 miles an hour. hereford 12 and church
timothy conrad jr. of roanoke was one of two soldiers shot to death by an afghan soldier on thursday in kabul. conrad is one of four u.s. troops killed since tuesday when it was first revealed that qu'rans and religious material were burned at the u.s. bag ram air force base in kabul. >>> just ahead here on the news at 6, we're days away from the arizona-michigan primaries as the republican presidential candidates make their rounds on the sunday morning talk shows. the latest on the campaigns for the presidency&as the six continues here on fox 5. on fo >>> on to the campaign trail, the high profile endorsement for mitt romney ahead of tuesday's primaries in both michigan and arizona. fox's steve brown is in flint, michigan, with the latest tonight. >> i have decided that i'm going to publicly endorse mitt romney. >> reporter: arizona governor jan brewer throws her support behind gop presidential candidate mitt romney ahead of her state's republican presidential primary tuesday. romney currently holds a considerable lead in arizona. brewer says she supports romney's pro business exp
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